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What We Do... Change Lives

Collegiate Entrepreneurs is an entrepreneurial development company whose mission is to teach college students how to run successful businesses during the summer months. In an effort to transform the way students learn about business, each student is provided business-world skills through an intense, hands-on experience. This experience brings forth true value as students not only learn the basics of running businesses, but they discover themselves and what they can truly accomplish. Changing lives is why we do what we do!

What We Love To Do...

Here at Collegiate Entrepreneurs, our managers take pride in running small businesses while enrolled in college.  Throughout the year we create a fun work environment in which our managers get to interact with one another and develop everlasting relationships. 

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Our Core Values...

Work The Plan

Every successful business starts with the Right Plan.  With that being the case, to be successful, an entrepreneur must be Goal Oriented and must always have a plan in place that Guarantees that they will be successful.  A lot of the personal growth that comes out of this program comes from setting a goal that might be just beyond your reach, and then applying a No Excuses attitude to do what it takes to hit that goal regardless of any obstacle that might exist.  When a person will not accept failure, they force themselves to learn new ways to overcome obstacles.  Consequently, this makes them much stronger as entrepreneurs, and much stronger people as a whole.  We call this “Doing What You Say You are Going to Do.”

Change Your Life

To be successful in our program, as well as in entrepreneurship in general, a person must be Personal Growth Focused.  Just as importantly as showing you what you are already good at as a business person, our program will reveal for every Branch Manager the specific areas where they need Self-Improvement.  For some people, this will be the first time that they have ever experienced anything like this, and this can often feel very painful.  For all of us, embracing and owning our own issues can and will lead to Dramatic Self Improvement.  To be successful as an entrepreneur, a person must be fully Aware of, and truly committed to embracing the areas where they need to improve.  As a company, we fully believe that helping a person through this process is one of the most important parts of our job.

Write Your Story

More than ANY amount of money that someone can ever make out of our program, we believe that the most important thing that our people get out of this program is their Story.  From the minute that a Branch Manager is hired, they are writing a story that they will tell over and over again for many, many years to come.  This is why we have found that our strongest people, even at this young age, are Career Path Oriented.  Some of our Branch Managers will stay with our firm for many years, and will end up telling their own story over and over again to future Branch Managers.  Through those shared experiences, they will ultimately change many more people’s lives for the better.  Other people will go on to interview for positions with other firms, and like hundreds of past Branch Managers will spend most of their interview talking about their experiences here.  Some of these stories will be about how they Never Quit the program, even when everything pointed to that being a smart decision, and everyone told them that they should.  Other people will tell about how they came into the program with an idea of what they thought it meant to be in charge, only to come out of the program learning about what it truly takes to exhibit Strong Leadership.  Regardless of how it is told, the vast majority of our people will ultimately find that this story will be what differentiates them from their peers.

Enjoy The Ride

This is perhaps one of our most important values, and it is all about Having Fun!  No matter who you are, for most people, the Branch Manager program will be one of the hardest things that a person ever does.  This is why it is so important to always remember to Keep Things in Perspective.  It is important for all of our Branch Managers that they always remember that they are getting to do exactly what they wanted to do - They are Running a Business!  Yes, that comes with a lot of problems, but being able to solve these types of problems is what makes business people such valued members of our society, and this is part of why we have so much fun doing it.  We believe in Working Hard and Playing Hard, and whether that means we are working through complex issues or Cruising on a boat in the Caribbean, ultimately, we all believe in enjoying every minute of our journey.  That is what we believe life is all about.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Inc., is an entrepreneurial and business development company based in Massachusetts, serving all of New England.


Collegiate Entrepreneurs Inc. | 220 Forbes Road | Braintree, M.A. 02184


Phone: 781-849-3030


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